St John's Methodist Church, Settle

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St John's Methodist Church Hall, Settle, BD24 9JH

Church, town and community groups who make excellent use of the facilities

Main Hall
Primary Room
Left: Hall floor newly varnished 19 Jan 2010
Primary room
Christmas Meal Dec 25 2009 in "Primary Room"
See youtube video of 2013 Christmas
Location:-It is on the opposite side of the road to the church.
Hall: with stage

This lamp post above, with (on this occasion) a poster, marks the alley way leading to the church hall. BD24 9JH (See map)

Scottish Dancing
Scottish Dancing


Above:- St John' Church (right) and church hall (left) from Castleberg flag pole.

St John's Methodist Church Hall is used by many groups in Settle. It comprises:

  1. A large hall (including stage), and
  2. Two smaller rooms for hire by individuals or groups
  3. Kitchen facilities

All the groups below welcome new members at their activities. Line dancing, ballet and tap dancing, Scottish country dancing, spinning, bridge, wood-turning, Age UK..

The car park has been tarmacked, giving extra space for car parking.. or for playing on if you are a children's group!

To book a room in the hall, phone 01729 824661

The Hall was renovated over winter 1999/2000 and there was a grand re-opening on March 31st 2000. The floor was revarnished on 19 Jan 2010.

The programme for Autumn 2014 will be put up in September.

Bold Print = Hall used for this event
Italic print = One of the smaller rooms used for this event

If the Hall is used for Blood Doning,(about every three months) the events on that day do not run.




Late Afternoon






Line Dancing



Tai Chi 9-12.15

U3A Singing group

Stay and Play -toddlers 1.00-3.30

Settle Spinners


Bridge Club
6.30 - 9.30

Langcliffe Singers Choir Practice 6.30 - 9.30




1st Wed of month: W.I. 2-4


Line Dancing



Pioneer Projects Bentham Activities and Art 9-4

Pioneer Projects Bentham (Memory Loss) Activities and Art - 9-4

Bridge 1.30-4.30


Scottish Dancing
7.30 - 9.30

(Restarts September 2013)


Age UK +Bowling

Age UK 9.30-2.30

  Dancing class
4pm - 8.30 pm 


Children's Dancing
9-12 noon



Tea Dance some weeks 1.30-6.30

Messy Church (3rd Sunday of month) 3.-6

Messy Church (3rd Sunday of month) 3-6 (actually 3.30-5.30)  



An art workshop in the Primary Room 14 Nov 04


So, if spinning, line dancing, ballet and tap dancing, Scottish dancing, ballet dancing, Brownies, bridge or wood-turning are of interest you, do come to one of the sessions.

Room Hire Charges: as in 2014 (per session - sessions are about 3 hours long):
Hall £23
Primary Room £15
Sewing Room £7
Kitchen when used for Cooking £8.00
Kitchen when used for tea or coffee £3.00
To book a room phone 01729 824661

If there are any questions please contact 01729 824661

In the case of hirings involving public entertainments
the above charges apply plus 50%

It is sometimes hired for childrens birthday parties.

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Settle Scottish Country Dancing Class Christmas Session 2005


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