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Last updated: 14 April 2006

You are invited to the "dawn" service at 6.30am at Castleberg Gardens on Easter Morning, Sunday 16 April - Go to map - It is the green area on the map to the right of gh in Castlebergh lane

There is a good breakfast at Zion afterwards. ctisade.htm

Good Friday Walk on Fri 14 April 2006

Ribble-pilgrimage on right


Rev Peter Yorkstone in green, leads a prayer on a rock near Queens Rock, Giggleswick.


At St John's Methodist Church next to the Settle Carlisle line (see bridge on right)


After the market place service, where we were joined by members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, we went to Settle Parish Church for hot cross buns.


A German family on holiday in Settle came round with us - sad to miss an ecumenical service in their home town 100km north of Frankfurt, they were delighted to join our event.

On the Square Don Secretan read a good poem about there being no remains of the wooden cross left, but that Jeseus words are left and words can give us vision.

Wendy Holt told us movingly about the pain that people suffer in a crucifixion - but that Jesus had words of kindness for his mother and for the thief crucified beside him. Jesus' words of forgiveness, encouragement and comfort show the depth of God's love for us all, for his love has no bounds. This led into the final hymn which finishes:

"Were the whole realm of nature mine, that were an offering far too small. Love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all"



Happy Easter to all who visit this website

Do come to the Easter morning Service at 6.30a.m. - at 6.30am this Sunday

And join us at Pentecost on 4 June when we shall have a new (for us) open air service in the square followed by a barbecue on the Primary School Field near Booths Car Park. Pentecost is when Jesus' disciples and others received the Holy Spirit. Many of the older people of Settle remember Whit Walks. Help us start a new tradition.

See walk in 2000

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