asc logomicrophoneMake September 2017 the month You join supportive friends, gain confidence, and help others by speaking more clearly and effectively.

.. You can do it!. You can speak to an audience.
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Second Club Meeting of Autumn season: Mon 25 Sept


Sept 2017:

You too can speak with confidence!

7.40pm for 8pm email  Soroptimists, 28 Otley St, Skipton, BD23 1EW

We meet Alternate Monday Evenings, Skipton (programme): Come and visit our fun, supportive group. Make new friends. It's a bit like an evening class, but much, much, much more fun.          

Quote for month (from Simon Sinek): Communication is not about saying what we think. Communication is about ensuring others hear what we mean.

Our website . . Meetup website . . ASC website   - 01535 665278/652915,  07941 785340


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Skipton's Best kept Secret - Read letter to the Craven Herald
7 Sept 2016

What happens at a typical meeting?

to publicise Craven Speakers Club

2016: Prescription Speaking - The Timely Relaunch

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Pictures of 40th Anniversary Dinner 17 June 2006


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Other nearby clubs:
White Rose Leeds,


Fun BBC Recording:- Even leaders of our political parties have training and guidance in giving speeches.. See the leaked memo (Oct 2010) advising Ed Miliband how to ask questions in Prime Minister's Question Time.

Craven Speakers Club September 2011

Coffee break refreshments - a vital part of our meetings - here seen on our first meeting back in September 2011 You'll still recognise many of these faces in Sept 2017..

Dates for Autumn 2017
11 Sept 2017 Speeches and Topics- Soroptimists, 28 Otley St Skipton, BD23 1EW
25 Sept Speeches and Topics- Soroptimists, 28 Otley St Skipton, BD23 1EW
9 Oct Speeches and Topics- Talk on "Using Notes" Soroptimists, 28 Otley St Skipton, BD23 1EW
23 Oct Craven Speakers Club Speech Competition Soroptimists, 28 Otley St Skipton, BD23 1EW
6 Nov Workshop on Evaluation Soroptimists, 28 Otley St Skipton, BD23 1EW
30 Nov Evaluation Competition Soroptimists, 28 Otley St Skipton, BD23 1EW
4 Dec Speeches and Topics- Soroptimists, 28 Otley St Skipton, BD23 1EW
18 Dec Christmas special! Soroptimists, 28 Otley St Skipton, BD23 1EW

This will be our 52nd anniversary year

New members welcome - especially older teenagers and twenty year olds
Download a poster to display near you -

Contact us on: 01535 662441 or 07941 785340


When giving a speech do you

and grumble?

After attending Speakers Club you'll be:

Shoulders back,
Look them in the eye
and then,
and then
............. suspense!

You'll have them eating out of your hand!


You just need practise and encouragement..

and that is what Speakers Club will give you.

(Courses costing £800 and reading the best of books
cannot give you the practice, advice, support, friendship and a good evening
out that you can receive at Speakers Club.)



In front of an audience, do you

and tumble?

Get organised!
With the help of Speakers Club,
and the supportive practise there, you'll:-

Tell the audience three ways they will benefit from hearing your speech

Tell them the three things that will benefit them

Recap, and give them a definite call to action:
e.g. "Come to Speakers Club next Monday!"


So... See you there!


Top tips for giving impromptu short speeches:

  1. Think of you final end "punchline" first. Then your talk can work towards that. (Chris Birch's Tip)
  2. Tell people "What's in it for them"
  3. If you want people to do something, give them a "because" before you give the request
  4. e.g. "Because what I'm going to say is very important for your exams, I want you to listen carefully".

  5. Look at people/the audience in the eye. Look at someone near the back (because then more people will think you are looking at them - it is to do with angles). Find someone to look towards who is looking at you with interest and sympathy - because that will give you more confidence.
  6. Smile
  7. Don't "Errr" and Don't rush things - better to shut your mouth and give a pause.
  8. Finish your talk with a "punch" (- A strong comment - And stand there, wait for the applause. Don't tail off and sidle away from the table in the middle of your last sentence.)

It really does get easier each time - so come and practise. That's a great value of speakers clubs - chance to practise.


Because it will improve your ability at giving talks, go and plan a two minute talk on a subject of your choice- e.g. "Trees" .. RIGHT NOW!

Have fun! ... and we hope we'll see you at Skipton.

Useful Links: LJL Seminars- Impromptu Speaking

No matter how large your audience may be, each listener wants to feel that you are talking to him or her.-body language -

. ----------------------------------------------------------------


Does an audience make

Your words jumble
Your stomach rumble
Your world crumble?

You know what to do.........

.See you there

tiny baidon speakers club poster


You might consider coming in from: Skipton, Gargrave, Settle, Cononly, Keighley, Addingham, Hellifield, Barnoldswick, Harrogate, Denholme, Silsden, Malham, Embsay,
Steeton, Kildwick, Bradley, Bradford, North and West Yorkshire, Baildon

The Association of Speakers Clubs is similar to the Toastmasters International organisation.
Toastmasters formed in America in 1904. In 1972 Most of the British Toastmasters Clubs
left Toastmasters and formed the Association of Speakers Clubs.

Other clubs include: Wetherby Speakers Club , White Rose, Farsley, Leeds,
Bradford Speakers Club (and their other website)

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Become a better speaker, better presenter, better leader
and have a fun evening out